Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bridget Bardot!

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Girl Boss

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Say Cheese!

Dress: Gentle Fawn
Bag: Jeff Koons for H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Lots of work to do today. Meetings and work work work.
I love this dress by Gentle Fawn, its so flowy and beautiful. I love the high neckline and lace detail the most. I felt so free and so comfy in these photos.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

You're a wonderful...

Hat: NastyGal 

Photos by Richard Sheehan

I love this dress by Thera Clothing. It has a modern feel with a vintage twist to it. Thera always makes such cute clothes and not to mention really comfortable. I love these shots we took around this  neighborhood in Studio City. I actually climbed over a fence into someones backyard to get these shots. I am quit the rebel when it's called for. Richard is such a fun photographer, we always have such a blast when we go out to shoot. Not to mention he is very fast so we can shoot 3-4 looks in about an hour. This is good for me because I am working every day on my app and pretty swamped at the moment. 
Someone mentioned to me today that they wouldn't need my App because they have an agent who helps them get in touch with brands. That is not what my app is about. I am creating a social network here, kinda like a directory for the entire fashion world to connect on one platform. Every blogger will need to be on this app to be found. We will have a search part in the app where designers, stores, brands, etc can search bloggers in each city to send them clothes. This is an entire network I am building to help out everyone in the fashion industry. I worked at a fashion company and I had to search and search every single different website to find bloggers, it was a nightmare. I am making it all very easy for everyone to use as a tool. We also give everyone FULL 100% revenue shares when they post stuff and someone clicks and buys. We take no cuts we make no money on this app. Down the road we can make money by working with huge companies. I love the fashion industry so much that I wanted to create something to help everyone out. 

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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Shorts: Glamour That
Top: Society6 - Secretly In love
Drink: Lemonade LA Studio City
Phone Case: Carved

The other day I went out with my best friend Tim to Lemonade in Studio City. This place is incredible! They have the most incredible lemonade and most incredible healthy food! Go check it out! I love these high waisted shorts from Glamour That. They are on my Web App so go check them out . My shirt is by an artist for Society 6. Anything and everything regarding Wes Anderson is automatically a win for me. I love this top a lot.
Working on my App every day... Coming soon. xoxoox
I will be emailing some of you soon about my big launch party.

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Into the purple deep misty winds

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