Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Color Pink Surrounds Me

Button Necklace: Made by Jimbob
Button Rings:Made by Jimbob
Wallet: Status Anxiety
Dress: FashionTap

  As you can all see my bangs are pastel pink color. This past weekend I chalked my bangs bright pink and now it won't wash out. I have washed my bangs over 8 times now and it is slowly coming out. Word to every blonde out there DO NOT CHALK YOUR HAIR! I am so madly in love with my button jewelry designed be me (originally by Ben Bayouth) for Made by Jimbob Jewelry store! FINALLY! These are available for purchase! The button represents my app FashionTap but most importantly it represents the entire fashion world. I LOVE IT! My adorable new wallet is by Status Anxiety. I love the print so much, I am really obsessing over it.
Download FashionTap to see who makes my adorable dress!


  1. These photos are so cool, i love your pale blue dress

  2. gosh, i just found you on lookbook and fell in love with your unique and eyecatchy style
    wow you are such an Inspiration
    and i love your candycotton hair Color
    Beauty <3

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

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