I have a good feeling //

Camera Strap designed by me: Brittany Matyas
Other camera strap: Brittany Matyas
Bag: Salar
Hat: Brixton
Pin: Collecteur
Sunglasses: Poppy Lissiman
Eyeglasses: FT

Yesterday I made a visit to one of my favorite places in Burbank with my favorite pink train with one of my favorite people handbag designer Brittany Matyas! I designed that adorable camera strap with her. I have been searching for years now for the perfect camera strap, no one makes them. They are so dull and so lame. I came up with this idea and wrote Brittany right away. I love how this strap turned out, it's perfect. I love this look, especially paired with this Wes Anderson pink train. I am so excited to get more and more into blogging again. I feel like I really started to fall off the wagon. I am headed to New York in a couple days! Find me on Snap and IG and follow my journey @afashionnerd. 

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