Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The many faces of ME

fork necklace : A Tiny Touch. www.atinytouch.blogspot.com

Everything is awesome lately! I had 2 auditions today! I work tomorrow on a commercial. I am one busy bee! I also did a cool 1960s photo shoot today with Morgan Demeter! I cant wait to see how they all turn out. We did a photo like Anna Karina! 

You have the weight of the world

I feel so country in this dress!! This dress is Tracy Reese from Target
Boots are from MAYLE : JANE MAYLE she herself picked them out for me! She is my favorite designer of all time, so this was just a dream come true.  Hat is the famous Indiana Jones HAT

Monday, July 29, 2013

I wish every kiss was never ending.

Top: Forever21 
Skirt: Hong Kong
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Hat: Vintage
Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim edie BOW BAG

Life is beautiful lately. I found love and its so beautiful and so worth my pain and wait. I was in pain for over 2 years. I had no one but my cute little Bon Bon. I've never felt more alone in my life. I couldn't find anyone I could even connect with or who even got my humor.  I am a pretty wild crazy girl and a lot of men didn't get me. I have finally met my exact match, he is me but male. We are so crazy together and loud and wacky and we could care less what other people think. I LOVE IT!! I am so beyond grateful for him. I gave up fully on love and wasn't looking at all and then BAM there he was when I least expected it. Thats how everyone says "love" happens, I never believed it. Not only is he a beautiful amazing person but he is the most creative person I have ever been around. We created a jewelry line coming out very soon called A Tiny Touch. We make jewelry out of random found items, mainly forks and spoons. We are obsessed with small things on other smaller things, so we put smaller forks on bigger forks and such. 15% of our proceeds go to an animal rescue place. I can't wait to launch this!!!!!! Stay TUNED!!! 
Also I have been working a lot and auditioning almost every day on commercials! Everything is looking up for me! Plus my birthday is coming up in AUGUST!!! 

Mod Times USA

Just got this dress from ModCloth. When we modeled it on set I knew I had to have it! I ordered a small and it fits amazingly!!! I think I will wear it for my Birthday, it can be my Birthday dress!

Thank you to Heather and Branden for taking my photos today! 

Shoes by : Modern Vice Summer Jett boots! www.ModernVice.com
Dress: ModCloth.com 

Burning MAN!

Dressed up today to play a burning man girl in a commercial! Fitting because I have been to burning man before and I am going this year with my amazing beautiful boyfriend Ben.

Rings: Vera Meat and YSL
Skirt vintage
Top: Mink Pink for Nastygal
Necklaces: Both mine and my boyfriends designs for A Tiny Touch. coming soon!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Roller Disco Durby

Time for the Roller Disco Durby!!!!!!
Dress: Mila Jovovich Target
Jewelry a tiny touch
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh Buffalo!

Found this gem at Buffalo Exchange!! Denim Romper /Pinafore!  ADORABLE!!!!!!
Shoes" Jeffrey Campbell
jewelry: A Tiny Touch  www.atinytouch.blogspot.com
Top : Forever21 crop

In this moment

These overalls are adorable! Overall floral print shorts, black and white.

Overalls : Beginningboutique.com
Boots: Urbanoutiftters
Top: Motel rocks, Nasty gal

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