Burning Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to burning man for my second year and let me just say, it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Burning man is made of magic. My boyfriend Ben went with me and it was his first time at burning man. The entire time his mind was completely blown. From now on for the rest of our lives we will be attending this amazing event.  Ben aka my boyfriend Ben, made the coolest jet pack backpack thing ever and he also made me these awesome crazy horns coming out of my officer hat. This event is very hard for me to explain, you must just attend. The experience of being there is just mind blowing. My boyfriend was in absolute awe the entire time.
 I loved being able to dress up every single day. I styled several outfits and switched it up every few hours.
 These are the horns my beautiful boyfriend made me.

 The wonderful ben page and jessica miller on their bikes riding around with us.

 Horn twins.
 This is an amazing art piece, Ben was obsessed with it.

 Cowboy boots are always the way to go at Burning Man.
 The man this year was build on a UFO and had slides inside of it. The only way to get out is to slide down some slides.
 This was at the steampunk salon, we met an EYEBALL TWIN of ours.

 Thats a smoke tornado. I was flipping out at this part, so scary, ash everywhere.

A 50 foot tall amazingly beautiful woman. 

 This was the very end of burning man. Basically where no one ever goes because its way way way out there away from everything. They had a crazy art installation with all of these aliens and a corn field.
 This was a movie theater all the way towards the end of Burning Man, the out skirts of BM. You walk into the Lobby and its all decked out vintage style and they even had tons of amazing candy for free for you. You have to crawl through a very small entrance to get to the actual screen. incredible
 Barbie Death Camp
 Naked people every where.
 My MODCLOTH.com dress I felt like a princess.
 Hearts everywhere.
This place was amazing. They had a drum set in the corner of the room and ben got on and played a tune or two and everyone loved it. He got everyone dancing and partying even harder than before.
 This was the trap door Church, basically the church of Satan. Ben was playing this amazing piano and I was talking and singing in the microphone.

 This glowing hear was right across from our camp. I believe this was a special sign for me and Ben. Everything was so amazing, I love traveling with him and being with him 24/7.

 This was an amazing art installation made of luggage.

 This is me on the runway. This was by far my favorite thing at Burning Man. You go inside a huge room filled with costumes and you can pick whatever you want. I took this long beautiful dress and vintage eyeglasses and Mickey Mouse ears as well as those awesome lace up h&m boots. I walked the runway and after this I was able to walk away with everything I modeled. SO AWESOME
 Right after this photo was taken the creators of this got married where I am standing.