Yesterday I did a fun photo shoot with my boyfriend. He styled me and made the entire costume, cuts and all. He handmade these amazing BAT wings and Horns in my cowboy hat. He is such a gem I can't believe I found him. We did this photo shoot specifically for the BLACK MILK CLOTHING x Lookbook Contest SPOOKBOOK. We hope we win. We put a lot of thought into this shoot and had a blast doing it. Ben is super creative and amazing at direction. We are the perfect team. I love creating with him and making magic happen. A while back when we first started dating we did a cool photo shoot impromptu using a Black Milk clothing nintendo suit and a FLY mask he made. Everyone loved it so much even Black Milk re posted it on IG and it got over 22k likes and even made the popular page!
Outfit: Handmade by Ben Bayouth
Claw Lita Boots: Jeffrey Campbell