I LOVE VERA MEAT !! From the second I stumbled into her boutique in New York, I have been head over heels in love with this company. I remember when I first laid eyes on her incredible jewelry, I couldn't stop saying WOW WOW WOW. The lady that worked there suggested I work for Vera Meat, thats how crazy I was for this jewelry. I have so many rings by her and now this amazing Necklace  and bracelet . My favorite ring that I own would have to be the Dino eating fried chicken . Her jewelry is hilarious and I love finding humor in fashion. I love wearing funky unique fun items and all of her items embody this. She's a dream come true. Huge fan FOR LIFE!

Jacket: Abercrombie 
Bikini: Mod Cloth
Shoes: Modern Vice 

 This is my favorite kind of dog ever! A brussels griffon... I even have a ring of one by VERA MEAT. I wish I held it next to his face!!! He was the sweetest lil baby ever. I can't wait till Ben buys me one!