Today I went out to Malibu State Creek Canyon with Krocky Meshkin and did a fashion video for youtube!! That will be up tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned. Everything is so exciting lately and I am beyond blessed for my new career in fashion. Once I opened this door it has been non stop incredible opportunities. I have never felt so happy and excited before ever.
The Fashion video will feature designer Gyspy 05 and their beautiful hand dyed clothes.
Starting tomorrow Dec 9th Use CODE FASHIONNERD for 15% off your purchase at Gypsy 05 until Jan 5th!!
My Dress : Gyspy 05 Thumb Print Silk Blocked Maxi Dress
SoleStruck: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Claw boots
Necklace: Hearts Warrior Porcupine bullet bib necklace
Fringe Jacket: Forever 21 Similar Street-Chic Faux Leather Jacket
Hat: Vintage check Ebay for a Leather Cowboy hat