Hawk Town USA

Today is my beautiful, wonderful, incredible, amazing boyfriend's BIRTHDAY! I took him yesterday to San Diego to fly a falcon, bird. West Coast Sky Falconry www.skyfalconry.com was where we were able to do this. We got into town yesterday and we stayed the night in a beautiful big hotel right in old town San Diego. I can't even begin to describe the amazing time I had with my love. We are the exact same goofy loud insane person so we never ever feel bored and have always have a blast. Today was incredible, Ben loved flying the falcon around. The experience was mind blowing and Ben couldn't have appreciated it more. The owners were so sweet and so patient with the birds, it was incredible to watch. I loved the entire experience and i recommend everyone to go here. Support local people rather than spending your money on going to Sea World... Trust me, Its a more hands on amazing experience.  We were on a ranch in the middle of no where.
Boots: Modern Vice Frankie  on sale! Anthropology
Top and Jacket: Forever 21