My head is on FIRE

I am such a redhead now and I LOVE IT. My color is 100% the exact color Sharon Tate had as a redhead. I am beyond excited about this new color!!! The most amazing lady did my hair for me her name is Val . She is absolutely the sweetest most talented colorist I have ever met in LA. She has done tons of celebrities hair color so I knew I could trust her. My amazing boss at PYLO hooked me up!!! Not only did she get me the exact red I had dreamed of but she got me this red in less than an hour and one try only. NO BLEACH at all. WOOO HOOOO. Love her! Email her for pricing ASAP if you want to color or even cut your hair. She trimmed mine up as well. Looks incredible.
My dress is from Gypsy 05 and its a dream come true. I have been really getting into longer dresses lately. I am normally all about the very very very short dresses 60s style but lately my style has been moving towards longer. I love Gypsy 05!!!
Dress: Gypsy 05
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent