Jenny and Jimbob Ring MAKING CLASS!

Everyone should take this incredible ring making class that Jenny and Jimbob have. I just took it with 7 of my friends and we all made incredible rings. It is $65 for 2 hours and Jimbob takes the ring you make and turns it into brass. This is seriously the best class I have ever taken in my life. Not only do I learn how to make my very own ring, but I get to keep my ring and wear it the rest of my life. NO ONE will ever have my ring that I made. TAKE THE CLASS ASAP!!!  Located in North Hollywood on Magnolia.

Below are photos of the rings I made and the rings Ben made. Ben made the incredible 1970s bird ring and the lips. I made the other two... HAHA. Ben sculpts and makes puppets so what do you expect.. Of course his rings would turn out incredible. If you like Ben's LIPS ring contact Jenny and Jimbob today and you can buy one for $65!!!