Bringing back the 60s

These photos were taken last week by photographer Yuna Leonard. Makeup and hair is by Marissa Cydya. My dress is a vintage 1960s dress I found at a thrift store a year ago. My other outfit is a top from forever21 and shorts from ModCloth, sunglasses are from nastygal. I love this entire shoot. Super incredible. I want to model more, email me if you would like to collab
ALSO be sure to watch me tomorrow on GOOD DAY LA fox 11 around 9am. Tivo it so you don't miss me. EMAIL me if you are interested in being a BETA TESTER on my new fashion app. I need some new users on board to help me add and make changes.


  1. You look fabulous! Pretty outfits. Great photos. You're so lucky to find that cute floral dress.Wish I can score one in our local thrift store. I always look for vintage stuffs and just found a new place to shop for vintage dress at It offers great deals. :)

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