Positivity in Fashion

I love this 100% silk hand dyed skirt by Gypsy 05. Not only is it high waisted and incredible, it has POCKETS! So in love with this piece. My necklace is 3 cats by Vant Jag , and I adore it.
 Gypsy05 Skirt: Buy Here

I created a Fashion app called FASHIONTAP and I am in beta testing this week. I am asking any and all fashion bloggers or even designers, stores, fashion enthusiasts to get on it and help me out. You can be an early adopter. You can be the one and only @Jessie or @Jennifer. Remember what CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia said help others out and they will help you out in the end. If you get on here and really help me test my app I am down to put you on our popular page once we reach a sufficient amount of users and once we are a downloadable native app.

TO SIGN UP ON MY APP GO TO fashiontap.co on your phone web browser. Email me amy@fashiontap.co if you have any comments, concerns or suggestions. Lets build one of the biggest and best fashion networks around. I want to connect every single person in fashion onto this one app. Out of love for the fashion world...