Today I received some INCREDIBLE forever 21 shoes in the mail. I know what you all are thinking... Forever 21? Shoes? Good Quality? YES. I am dead serious yes. These shoes are so comfortable and the design of them blow my mind. The material used is amazing. I am a US 8 and I ordered an 8 and they fit like a glove. I saw a girl at the Forever 21 Cranchella Coachella party wearing these in brown the entire day, so I figured they must be super comfortable. Boy was I right.
Buy them here and you won't regret it.  Forever 21 Slingback Booties
                                                     Forever 21 Slingback Booties

I have my eye on some of their other booties. 

I am blown away by the quality of these boots. They are higher priced then your normal $38 forever 21 boots which makes sense. They aren't too high priced though. Love them. Can't wait to have them all.