Happiness Inside

Sunglasses: SunScape Eyewear
Everything is beautiful lately. Slight negativity from others has been seeping into my life but I won't take part of any of it. I want to stay positive and help every single person who comes my way. I can't take jealousy at all. I am not that type of girl, to be jealous of others or competitive. We are all here on earth and it's a beautiful life. I am so grateful for the fashion bloggers out there that are so sweet and passionate about what they do. I have three in mind at the moment Natalie Suarez, Dylana Suarez, and Elle May Leckenby. I love those girls, they are so beautiful inside and out. I am so excited about my app launching in the next month or two, I can't wait to help out every fashion blogger and designer out there, big or small. I especially love helping out smaller designers and companies. The most exciting thing to me about blogging is getting to model and blog new under ground designers. Helping them get their name and brand out there to the world. This is beyond rewarding to me.
I love Insane Jungle so much, this romper is to die for and super affordable. I also love these sunglasses from SunScape Eyewear, they are super flattering and just amazing.