Drinking grapes and eating wine

box gap...

Hat: Forever 21
Jacket: H&M
Photos by Meagan Wegner in Lodi , CA. Wine Country 

I love this top from For Elyse shop, it's so cute and always stays up. Most tube tops want to slide down and you are constantly having to  pull at it, but this one just stays up on it's own. I also LOVE these high waisted jeans by Articles of Society!!! They are incredible and only $54! I wear these almost every day. Yesterday I went on a fun day trip to Lodi CA with my best friend Meagan and her husband We explored the beautiful wine country. Meagan took all of my photos, and they are beautiful!! We had such a blast shooting these.  We went drinking at some of the wineries in downtown Lodi after we did two photo shoots. More photos below!

 This is Meagan and her husband Jason.
 My favorite beer ever.