Too sweet

I love this outfit so much. I like the way I styled it together, tucking the shirt into the skirt, kinda like how they styled it on the site.  I also love pairing the top with my black skinny jeans and the skirt with a different top. You can mix match this outfit anyway you like. This was such a fun shoot. Richard Sheehan did all my shots and during breaks I would shoot my friend Tim. Tim is also trying to be a blogger, and I am helping him. I do most all of his shots for his blog. He has such a unique sense of style and I guess Lookbook has been into it. Lately I have been working non stop on my app and future marketing plans. I have so much to do in August, I may lose my mind. It is all in good fun though and I am finally living my dream and super excited about my future as a CEO. 
Love you