Volcano Girls

Dress: Romme
Hat: Lack of Color
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Antonio

I love this dress more than life itself, do you blame me? It is absolutely incredible!!!!! Anything that buttons up and has a collar is automatically incredible in my book. I added a slip under it which may have been better if it was a darker blue or black color in all honesty.  I am wearing a size small and it fits slightly too tight around the chest area, I wish I got a medium. I see all the size smalls sold out in one day, the minute I posted it on FashionTap all 50 sold out. For $29 and free shipping, makes sense.
I love this hat from Lack of Color AU, the color is amazing and the fit is incredible. I have been wearing this hat every single day as of lately.

The photo with the shoes around me was taken by the amazing Krocky Meshkin. He does surreal awesome photography and you must check out his Flikr and website. He is amazing. He did not take my blog shots, only the raining shoes shot with my shoes from DNA Footwear.