Barbie Says...

Barbie made me do it... Barbie LOVES Forever 21 Collection is just adorable! 

Barbie Body Suit: Forever 21
Barbie Beanie: Forever 21 
Pink Jacket: Forever 21
Lipsticks: Forever 21 Barbie Collection 

I love this entire collection for Barbie from Forever 21, it's darling. Barbie ROCKS, always. I dressed up the body suit with my favorite blazer ever. I am obsessed with light pink blazers lately. This one is adorable. I ordered an Small in this one to get that looser fit. This body suit is adorable and I especially love the beanie! The beanie sold out so fast and the lipsticks. They had 3 different color lipsticks in one package for the Barbie Collection! 

APP meeting tonight! Things are moving along and we are about to launch I promise.