I met a celebrity today, his name is Jiff

Dress: PepaLoves
Eyeglasses: Coastal
Boots: Old Kenneth Cole

Today was an amazing incredible day for me. I cannot believe I met Famous Jiff The Pom!! This pom has over 400k followers and is the main model for American Apparel and is in Katy Perry's music videos. I flipped out when I saw him in the American Apparel Flea market printing section. He is so adorable, you have to add him on instagram right now @jiffpom. Today me and my two best friends wandered around the Arts District in downtown LA and got some coffee drinks and took some photos. I adore my newest dress by Pepaloves, I love the collar and the drop waist. I sure did get a lot of compliments while walking around the American Apparel factory. 
What a day! Tomorrow I am headed to San Francisco to host SF Fashion Week starting Thursday! Come BY say HI!