This City


 My beautiful Leo friend Shavi .

Top: Forever 21
Skirt:Forever 21
Hat:Forever 21
Shoes: Modern Vice
Jacket: Old Brandy Melville

I am currently working this past weekend in the City of San Francisco on a commercial. After my shoot yesterday I went over to my friend Shavi's victorian 1800s house in the mission. I love this city more than anything in the entire world. When I am here I am no longer tired or bored, I feel alive, I feel energy all around me and through me. This city is so alive and so incredible and so inspiring. Right when I got to Shavi's place we opened a bottle of red wine and went on his roof. This roof is amazing, he has a garden on top of the roof with tomatoes and other kinds of vegetables. We did a fun blog shoot on the roof while relaxing in the beautiful sun. The weather yesterday was incredible, so warm and delightful. After our shoot we went around the city, walking everywhere. I got a coffee at the cutest coffee shop ever and I felt so alive. All the old buildings and culture inspire me to the bone. This city is amazing and I can't wait to move here one day. I grew up an hour away in the country so when I was a teen I would always go into the City with my friend Meagan.