Pumpkin Love

Dress: Miss Patina

Photos by Amanda Faye

    I am absolutely obsessed with this entire batch of photos. I not only adore and love this vintage inspired dress by Miss Patina but I love the entire scene. I felt like this dress really fit in nicely with the surrounding. Amanda is a genius photographer and has such an amazing eye. Every time I shoot with her every single photo turns out incredible.
  Miss Patina is my favorite clothing line, hands down. I love everything they design. I am obsessed with their collared dresses and tops! I am also obsessed with the quality of every single garment. Check them out ASAP.  I would starve for weeks just to be able to afford their entire collection.




  1. This post is one of my favorites!! You are right, that all of these photos are amazing. I love that dress and the orange from the pumpkin patch really sets the tone! What sort of filters do you use on your photos? Is it just from your camera or do you use something else? I really love them all! <3


    1. Thank you so much!!! :) These were all taken by Amanda Faye, I am not sure what she uses. Sorry :)

  2. So gorgeous! The dress is beyond this world <3