Upside down Inside out

Temp Tattoo: Eyes from 
I paired this floral skirt with my boyfriends t shirt he left over my place, Leftover crack, I guess a death metal band? I thought the entire outfit was super cute. I love my new comfy fringe moccasin like flats by Lamo Footwear, I felt they really went well with this entire look. I did not even think about it till now but the fringe flats match the fringe leather jacket! I have been channeling my inner Girl Boss lately, NastyGal. I wear deep red lipstick like their models and have been really trying to channel that entire vibe. My beautiful crystal necklace is from an actual crystal healer, Jessica of Woodmerkaba. All of her crystals are charged and mean something. When you order one you will know exactly what it is meant to do for you. My tattoo of the eyes is a cute fashion tattoo, fake tattoo, I got at a recent fashion party from Mr. Kate. I love her and I love all of her tattoos!!