It's all just water under the bridge now.

  Today my meeting went fantastically, if thats even a word.  I have so much to look forward to and so much hard work ahead of me with my app. Everything in the universe is aligning for me and I can see it all so clear now. If you set a hard goal for yourself in your life you will 100% achieve this... I promise, I am walking proof of this.. I started blogging for fun as hobby and never ever took it too serious, I still don't take it too serious. My end goal would be to run my own company and thats about it. I want to connect everyone together and help everyone out along the way. I love blogging and won't ever quit, it's such a fun way to express my weird quirky style.

 My dress is by SheInside and I love it, I love how short it is and I love the collar of course. I feel like a walking Wes Anderson character for the most part.

Dress: SheInside
Glasses: Firmoo
Boots: Kenneth Cole
Bag: 5Preview