Dreams do come true, if you work your ass off.

Headband:  LeVero
Dress: 5 Preview
Jacket: Drmers
Bag: 5 Preview

Yesterday was one hell of a day... I was driving along and I saw this perfect wall in which I had to shoot on. I made a u turn and went into the lot to park. While driving into the lot I hit the curb pretty hard therefore popping my tire. Thank god Krocky was with me and he put the spare on for me. What a day... The popped tire was worth it because my favorite photo of all time is the 3rd photo on this blog. These boots are by Like Dreams and sold on Nastygals website, I LOVE THEM, they are so beautiful. My striped dress is by 5 Preview and its 100% silk, super comfy. My adorable HATERS headband is from Blogger Jenny @shelovesdresses  made by LEVERO. I LOVE IT! I wore it all day yesterday, it's adorable! 
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