Each Time I look at you, I grow more in love

Hat: Here
Top: here
Boots: here
Bag: Satch and Fable

I took these the other day in downtown LA right in front of the Bar exterior they use for Alway Sunny. I have been real into Always Sunny lately. My entire outfit is linked on FashionTap , download us today. You can tag your whole outfit and when stuff is clicked and bought you get 100% commission. I created this app to help bloggers out.
I guess most people don't understand how my app FashionTap works. I don't think most people realize that ALL bloggers use affiliate links to monetize their blogs. Go to any blog and click on the product they link below their photos. Every single link will redirect you and if you buy from those links they get like 10-15% of the sale. These companies they go through take cuts my app takes no cuts from you at all. We give everyone 100% of their commission. I made this app to create a fashion social network. There are no good fashion social networks out there and instagram is FAR from one. I am so sick of everyone trying to make instagram a fashion social network. Go ahead and type in FASHION for a hashtag and tell me what comes up. Food? dogs? Kids? someones hand? Yup... I wanted to make something where everyone in fashion can benefit. PR firms can locate bloggers in each city state country. Bloggers can be ranked and found for work by designers, retailers, PR Firms, and they can get paid by tagging their items. Designers can directly tag their products onto their photos from their websites. Designers can also be ranked and found in our search area. Models can be ranked and monetize off their photos as well. Photographers can link up with bloggers, models etc. Hair and MUA can find photographers to shoot their models... ETC> I wanted this App to be like model mayhem as well.