Go get em cowboy!!

Bag: Galian Handbags
Dress: PepaLoves

The other day I went with my boyfriend and my two best friends to an old western town. They shoot a TON of movies here and I always love going here. We shot a blog really quick and explored the area, its amazing. I've shot my blogs here before. My friends and boyfriend had never been there before so I had to show them. My bag is adorable, by Galian Bags, I've been wearing it every single day since the day I got it. This bag is such great quality for the price! It feels like a $500 bag but it's only $63, what a STEAL. My dress is by Pepaloves, one of my favorite brands. They always make really 60s vintage like dresses and coats. They now sell in the US, so thats amazing news!

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