and it makes us great again...

Booties: YRU
Overalls: Sabo Skirt

I am loving my newest overalls from Sabo Skirt. I paired them with my YRU zipper booties and my striped turtle neck crop top. As you probably know I am obsessed with overalls and crop tops, so this was a magical combination for me. My bracelet is by Boyajian Trend Gallery, I have been wearing it every day since this shoot. My bag by Danielle Nicole is one of my favorite bags ever, its only $50 and feels like a bag that would be $500, I am not even kidding you. I love it. 
Last night I presented my app FashionTap to everyone at SF Fashion Tech Week. What an incredible fun night I had. The response about my app was unbelievable. I cannot believe how proud everyone is of me. Most of you don't know this but I created this entire app with one developer. I created this app from every single perspective in the fashion industry. I wanted to make a tool that would be beneficial to everyone in fashion. I feel like an entirely new person lately, I am so much happier. This app is a lot of work but I felt like the response last night really validated all of it. Someone told me keep going and going and going, and that its a brilliant app. Download it today in the app store under FASHIONTAP one word. I love you all so much and thank you for the love and support. I do have my highs and lows and it can be so stressful getting something out there, but I won't stop.