Back home again

Boots: BedStu
Skirt: Ag Jeans Alexa Chung
Bag: Leather Satchel
Sunglasses: Polette
Hat: FashionTap
Vintage Coat: PoshMark

This past weekend I went up to my parents farm in Manteca, about 1 hour away from San Francisco. My friend Meagan took these for me while we hung out around the farm. We drove my dads Rolls Royce Golf cart all around, I've posted it before on my instagram. I am so in love with this entire outfit. These boots by BedStu are absolutely incredible, they look so vintage and I love the distressed leather. The platform built in is not only comfortable but beautiful, and I feel so much taller! BedStu makes the best shoes hands down. My skirt is by AG jeans designed by Alexa Chung. My bag is by The Leather Satchel, I have been wearing this bag non stop since I got it. My sunglasses are by one of my favorite sunglasses shop called Polette, OMG go check them out NOW, you will find the most amazing vintage inspired sunnies ever. I can't wait to model my other Polette sunglasses I got. I am about to order so much more from them, such unique stuff. My vintage coat is from Poshmark, SCORE!

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