Bon Appétit !!

Eye Phone Pouch: Two Tickets
Shorts: Miss Patina
Jacket: Miss Patina
Button Ring: Ben Bayouth
Crystal Ring: Woodmerkaba
Eyewear: Coastal

I am so in love with this EYE phone pouch for my I phone! HAHA. It's so well made and so adorable! I've been carrying it with me everywhere because its so much easier than actually carrying a huge bag. My phone, cards, and keys all fit in it perfectly. I just got these new snake like textured boots by Faryl Robin and OH MY, they are like magic on my feet. They are so 60s to me, I love them so much. Faryl Robin seriously makes the best most unique most beautiful shoes I have ever laid my eyes on. Every shoe she makes has so much detail to it and that is the most important thing to me when it comes to fashion. The smallest details in products are very exciting and very well made. 
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