Squeaky clean body and soul

The you know that feeling when you want to give something to somebody but you also want to clean your body? Well now you can do both at the same time! Yay! Frsh Organics just launched an indiegogo, for every hand cut organic bar of soap you buy they will give one to a child or family in need in west Africa. Go ahead and check 2 things off your daily to do list.  

I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the soap was and how rich the smell was. But what really surprised me was that each box that the soap comes in can be planted in the ground, just add water.  I will show you this on my next blog post!! 

For now go to http://www.gofrsh.com/ to learn more!



  1. omg your dog is so cute and that soap looks amazing

  2. cool

    I invite you to http://iamemilias.tumblr.com/

  3. These soaps sound amazing, I love the idea of planting the boxes too!

    Beka. xo

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