Don't believe me, just watch!

Boots: BedStu
Necklace: Tiny Devotions

This was a crazy shoot to say the least... The guys who runs this pink motel is a complete jerk. I don't even know why I am posting these. I don't even want to promote this place at all. I drove up to this place and parked and got out and this guy came up to me and I asked if I could shoot one or two photos here for my blog he said NO, NO , NO. He was very very rude. He said it would cost me $200 an hour to shoot there. It's not like I was going to be setting up an entire damn shoot there. WTF. At least we go some shots, kinda. We parked around the corner and walked up the side and took these, James Bond style. I think they turned out pretty cute! Thank you to Heather and Jenna of Circus of Cakes for helping me!
I am loving my new vintage style boots from BedStu A LOT, I wear them almost every single day now. They are not only adorable but super comfortable too. BedStu makes the best shoes ever!!! They sell a lot of their shoes on FreePeoples website.

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