Oak Tree Oak Tree Oak Treeeeeeeee

Boots: OakTree
Outfit: FashionTap

I just got these INCREDIBLE boots today and they are by OakTree. I am MADLY obsessed over these boots, I love the shape, I love the button detail on the side and I love the velvet fabric mixed into the boots leather. I will seriously be wearing these boots probably every day from now on. Today I went to the park with my friend Alex in Oxnard after my amazing meeting at BedStu. I have a secret project in the works with this amazing company! Stay tuned! While I was in the park a wonderful ice cream lady drove up and I just had to have an ice cream. I think I picked the most random one. Lately I have been super into blonde hair so I felt as if this ice cream was ME but with blonde hair! HAHAHA. If you want to know who makes my outfit download FashionTap in the App Store and I have tagged it all for you, even the hat!