Wake me in a thousand years when computers can shed tears

Dress: Kaii 
Bag: LikeDreams
Shoes: FashionTap

It's so wild how all of this weird hate comes out towards you when you are succeeding at something and so damn happy and excited. Even some of my best friends are turning against me in jealousy over my recent success with my app FashionTap. It really bums me out, I am here to help every single person I can all the time. I am beyond grateful for everyone and everything in my life. The reason I even created this app was to help everyone make money and connect with everyone in the fashion world. I wanted to make a tool that can help make everyones lives easier. I love you all so much. I will keep my head up and continue to be positive and weed out anything and everything that is negative. I had an incredible meeting today in SF , big things are coming for FashionTap, I can feel it.  I am so excited about my future endeavors.
My beautiful dress is by Shop Kaii, this dress has to be one of my all time favorite dresses ever. Not only does it fit me perfectly but I am obsessed with the collar and the fabric. This dress feels like a $760 dress! I paired my dress with my new Like Dreams bag and my favorite Harley Davidson vintage hat!
My entire outfit is tagged on FashionTap, download us today in the app store!!