Calla Lily Inn

Hotel: Calla Lily Palm Springs
Bikini Top: Unique Vintage
Bikini Bottom: Unique Vintage

Photos by Jenna Fields 

   A week ago I stayed at this amazing adorable hotel in Palm Springs called the Calla Lily Inn. I went to Palm Springs with Tatiana and Jenna to shoot some of my blogs and explore this city further. I had no idea how much I loved Palm Springs until Jenna showed me all around! This town is incredible and so very inspiring to me. This hotel is so adorable I couldn't get over it, I loved the hot tub and the pool area  LOT. Our room was super adorable too, we had two beds! What a beautiful and amazing time we all had there. I have to go back soon and do more shoots! My swimsuit by Unique Vintage has such a retro vintage vibe. I love anything with Gingham print and anything high waisted so I was immediately in love with it and had to have it.
Download FashionTap today I tagged this entire bikini on the photo so you can click and buy easily!