A new Fashion Social Network that pays you?

YUP! I created a new Fashion Social Networking app called FashionTap that pays you to tag your products directly onto your photos. Let me explain further. I worked in PR and I couldn't locate bloggers in different areas to work with them so I said I am going to create an actual Fashion Network where everyone can connect and be found for work via location and ranked by popularity. On FashionTap you can search ANYWHERE in the world and pull up Stylists, Bloggers, Brands, Retailers, Hair, Makeup, Photographers, Designers, PR firms, Models, and even fashion enthusiasts on FashionTap.
The stream has a similar feel to Instagram where you can follow your favorite people and love their photos and now you can click on their images and see all of their tags and buy what they have tagged. All tags are affiliate links built in through ShopStyle/ShopSense so you the user gets paid the full percentage of that sale when people click and buy what you have tagged! I basically merged fashion blogging into a social media platform. We also allow you to connect your instagram up to FashionTap to easily post your images you have already posted and your description will all be there for you.
I wanted to create a social network where everyone in the entire fashion industry can benefit from. Photographers can now be found for work and they can also find people to work with them, models, bloggers, hair, makeup, brands, etc. They can also directly tag their photo equipment to their photos to be paid!

Let me show you some screen grabs of the App and how it works.

Plus you can zoom into the images and actually see the details in the photo! Fashion is all about details! Plus you can #lingerie and post Lingerie on the App unlike FB and Instagram where it is not aloud.

When you sign up on ShopSense use code FASHIONTAP for $25 in your pocket!

This video shows you how damn easy it is to use FashionTap and buy the exact products from HM site unlike IG.

Tag your YOUTUBE video on the photo showing how you did this exact makeup! 

Instagram Vs FashionTap... Exact Items are tagged on FashionTap for you to buy

 Instagram looks like a mess, look at those tags, so cluttered... You can even directly buy that exact product either. The user makes NO MONEY on that.. On FashionTap the exact items are tagged to be bought plus the user makes the full commission of the sale!
 ASOS is on the App and directly tags their products to their website for you to buy!

Showing you how hard LIKETOBUY is to use, takes you to one product when there are SO many products in the photo to buy! On FashionTap everything is tagged. 

How it works:

How to link your ShopSense to your account and get paid

Email me if you have questions :