You're all I need.

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Jeans: Boohoo
Top: Boohoo
Sunglasses:Sunglass Spot

 I just shot these on my parents farm up north. I went up this past weekend to play with my moms Rottweiler puppies and also help her out with a lot. My dogs mom is sick and I came up to help my mom with all of these animals. I grew up on a huge farm and I am obsessed with animals and especially puppies. I could seriously live in that pin of pups. I found one I really loved, she was really fat and reminded me of a boy so I kept calling it a he not a she. My entire look is from Boohoo for their newest campaign #weareusa #wearenow. I really love and support this campaign and feel like it really has a strong message for everyone out there. Check out their site and follow the campaign.
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  1. This look is really cool! I love it!! ♥


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