It's hard to see within this foggy mystery

 Lingerie Set 1: Huit
 Lingerie Set 2: Huit
 Bracelet: The Peach Box
 Hat: Lack of Color

   I never wear lingerie but when I do it's only the best stuff. Huit 8 makes the most incredible beautiful lingerie I have ever laid my eyes on. I adore the floral embroidery and style. I took all of these photos by myself with my phone as a clicker with my SonyA7. I have a hard time waiting on other people to take my photos and edit them and send them to me weeks later. I love doing my own shoots for the most part. My adorable buckle bracket is by The Peach Box, this is one of my favorite bracelets ever. I haven't had time to work out in over 7 months time, so I am not in the best of shape or the best I can be. I will start working out TODAY! I need to get in great shape so I can stay healthy. Working on a computer all day long isn't the healthiest job. 
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