Let the boots do the talking //

Boots: Suede Lace Up
Dress: Suede

    I am beyond obsessed with this incredible suede dress!!!!!!! I just got this dress and these amazing over the knee lace up boots. These boots remind me of the Prada ones I have been drooling over for a while now. I may take these into a boot repair shop and have him cut them below my knees, I want that 60s look. I love this entire look! I chalked my blonde hair pink, I tagged the chalk onto FashionTap. Download FashionTap today in the app store! Be an early adopter and get your USERNAME ASAP! This week is my birthday on Wednesday the 12th and next week is VEGAS Magic trade show and pool trade show!! I am very excited about this and excited to tell everyone about FashionTap especially the indie smaller brands. I can't wait to help them be seen and found by everyone!