Olaplex Olaplex Olaplex

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Sister Jane
Sunglasses: Pared Eyewear
Raccoon Necklace:Made By Jimbob
Hair: Olaplex
Canteen: Corkcicle 
Ring: Good After Nine
Bikini Top: Mink Pink 

I recently got my hair fixed up by Slim at Meche Salon with Olaplex. Follow @Slim_Color on FashionTap and on Instagram today, she does KILLER color. Olaplex is also on FashionTap make sure you follow them! I love this blonde on me, it's more subtle and not so starch white. In a few weeks I am going back brown, a light brown, 1960s color. The blonde/white hair is a bit too much maintenance for me at the moment and I have to focus on FashionTap and this is a full time job. My raccoon necklace was made for me by Jimbob for a birthday present, I adore it! My new canister is by Corkcicle and it literally keeps my drinks cold for 9 hours!! This is fantastic because I am always on the go lately and in meetings all day, so to have my drink cold for 9 hours is seriously a life saver.
I tagged this entire look onto my photo on FashionTap, download FashionTap in the App Store today!


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