Eyeglasses: BonLook
Dress: 60s Modern
Shoes: Tuk Shoes
Bag: Vintage

ANNNNNND I'm BACK! My hair is now dark dark brown just like my original look. The reason I went blonde is because my entire life I've always wanted to go blonde and when I heard about Olaplex and how your hair doesn't damage when changing it drastically I jumped on board. I used to be an actress for over 10 years and I couldn't dye my hair ever. I am finally doing fashion stuff full time so it was my chance to go wild! I loved being blonde so much, I miss it. I feel like dark hair really brings out my features though and really shows my cheek bones more. This dress is my all time favorite dress ever, it's so 60s but it's modern and for sale, download FashionTap to see the exact dress tagged onto my image! My adorable shoes are by Tuk Footwear, they made a guys shoe for us gals! My dream one day is to design an entire line of shoes that are meant for men but for women. Tuk is genius to do this, I wanted these shoes so badly and now I can have them! My eyeglasses are by blogger Keiko Lynn for BonLook. I am so in love with these frames and I just adore Keiko and her style so of course I would obsess over these. My clock bag is from the 60s and it's my favorite bag ever! I feel amazing being brunette again! I won't be changing my hair color anytime soon! 
Oh and PS my boyfriend dyed my hair, he's the BESTEST!

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