This is my booth at Melange Live  What an incredible amazing time, both days were amazing!

This is me doing my talk about my app FashionTap at Melange! I actually won the Best of the Beach award for my app! This was my first time winning any award!

This is my Manoush dress tagged on FashionTap!

 This is my COO Eddy Roche, we took the subway for fun on the way home from Melange day 1.

This is a box I got from Love Goodly, all natural vegan organic products! I love these girls who created this, they spoke at Melange. They are really helping everyone by changing the world one step at at time. You guys have to check out their site and order their monthly boxes with goodies, make a difference today.

     MelangeLive 2015 was a blast! We set our booth up the first day and mingled around a while. The second day is when I got to do my talk in front of everyone and later I won Best of the Beach Award for best App! The people who run and created MelangeLive, Tom and Cindy are the most amazing people I've ever met. They really understood what I have created and supported me since day one with my app. I was so blessed to be able to do a talk in front of everyone at this amazing event. Everyone at this event understood the huge issue we are all facing with technology when it comes to fashion and how everyone is being lost in this big shuffle. I am going to fix all of this by making everyone be able to be found and be able to find others as well as be able to easily monetize their content. Everyone came up to me after my talk and wanted to interview me more and find out more about me and my journeys. From what everyone tells me the best things come from someone solving their own pains and issues. FashionTap came from my pains in the fashion industry working as a blogger and working in fashion PR.

Download FashionTap today! xoxox