Red is my secret signature color

              This is my newest polka dot dress by Compania Fantastica! I wore this dress to the woods yesterday and played around near the lake. I met some random friends and one of them took my camera and started shooting me. The one of me sitting on the bench is by him, his name is Jackson! I always feel like really strong signs guide me throughout life and really point me in the right direction. I feel like I am going the right direction in my career, FINALLY. It only took me my entire life to figure out. I kept ignoring the signs and finally I accepted and look where I am now! I am almost at 38k followers on IG, all real! Almost 7 million Vine views on Vine!!! I am so excited about the near future and where I am going. I am most excited about my app FashionTap! Download FashionTap in the app store today! xoxoxo