Boots: NinaShoes
Eyeglasses: Eye Buy Direct

Yesterday I went to the Broad Museum in LA. You cannot get passes for this until the end of Jan 2016. There is a 3 months wait. I requested my passes for this over 2 months ago. I went with the amazing Rev.Alex and Tatiana. We had the best time ever! We actually took 2 shots of tequila at the bar next door before we went in. We laughed the entire time, it was a blast. This museum is very beautiful and colorful. I loved how bright everything was and the white walls surrounding us. My favorite part was the massive tables and chairs, I felt so TINY! My other favorite part was getting into the Infinity room!! I seriously look like the female Steve Jobs in all of these images! I love my new eyeglasses by EyeBuyDirect and my new awesome boots by Nina Boots!
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