My Survival Guide for the Holidays!

This is my survival guide and my top 5 items that keep me perfect for the holidays!
1- Hanes Tights
2- Faux Fur Coat of course!
3- Red Lipstick (a AMUST)
4- Peppermint Vanilla Organic Latte (Xmas in a cup)
5-A beret (my speciality) Keeps my head warm as well.  

I think the two MUST HAVE items for me are the Hanes tights and my faux fur coat. I can't leave the house without them. It's been so cold lately in LA so these items keep me warm and make me look fashionable, which is a win win!
           I think my video above really explains how much I love these incredible tights by Hanes. My friends couldn't believe I was even wearing tights but complimented how amazingly tone and smooth my legs were looking! I loved the opaque ones best because I can wear them with every dress and skirt I have and they will keep my warm while making me look sexy. I will be wearing these tights all throughout the holidays for sure. I for sure recommend these for everyone! 

Thanks Hanes for partnering up with me on this post! #ad HANES