Print all over ME (FashionTap Overalls) !!

Overalls: Print All Over Me!

So I made these overalls through Print All Over Me (PAOM). I uploaded my FashionTap button logo and had them made. I love them so much! I love the entire style of these overalls, the fit is great. I am obsessed with my button logo for my app FashionTap! My shoes are handmade by my boyfriend and say Fashion on one shoe and Tap on the other and have buttons drawn all over them. These shoes were from Kmart and I asked my boyfriend to draw all over them! I love making my own stuff. Design is definitely my first love. Wait till you see the design collabs I am doing this next year! EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 
If you want these overalls I can have them made for you! Email me

Download FashionTap in the App Store


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