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Shorts: Hob Nob
Lipstick: Glitter- ColourPop
Hat: Johaab
Canteen: ROVE
Boots: FT
Top: FT
Jacket: Here
Bag: FT

Hey guys, sorry I have been super MIA lately. I am working 24/7 on FashionTap, my app I developed. We have a lot of marketing to do and a lot of amazing news coming soon! Download the app today and tag your exact items to your images and monetize and be found by what you do and your location in our database for work! I am beyond excited about my app and will be mainly on there posting images. 

This is one of my favorite places to shoot at in Los Angeles. This area is very 1960s and I love the white walls everywhere. I will tag the location on FashionTap!  My shorts are by Hob Nob and I paired these shorts with my new adorable striped top and my knee high boots and fun Food For Thought hat. My lipstick is by ColourPop from their KITTY pack it's called Glitter and I love the color. I am beyond obsessed with every single ColourPop matte lipstick lately. I tag everything on my image on FashionTap!