The Silver Lining //

Top: Pepaloves
Skirt: Sister Jane
Choker: Love + Leather
Bag: Costella
Eyewear: See Eyewear
Lipstick:Color Kill

I found this killer location yesterday on my bike ride with Ben. Later in the day we went back here and did this fun blog shoot. We were out and about and went to lunch after these shots. My outfit is a mixture of a bunch of amazing brands. My skirt is by Sister Jane, I love the style of this skirt and the fit. I styled this skirt with my new heels by Faryl Robin x Free People. My crop top is by Pepaloves and my choker is by the amazing Love and Leather. Love and Leather is one of my favorite jewelry designers, all handmade jewelry. Follow Love and Leather on FashionTap today. My bag is by Costella and my eyeglasses are by SEE of course. My lipstick is a shade of pink by Color Kill. I am getting into wearing all different color lipsticks lately and not all just red tones. 


  1. I love, love this outfit! I've had my eyes on those Faryl Robyn x Free People heels for quite some time and I love how you styled them!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  2. I love your style and I love your blog!
    I m really admirer of your work

  3. your beret is so cute, love this look

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