Success is the best revenge //

Sweater: Floating Style
Photos by : @Rev_Alex @Heathertoc and @_space_man_spiff_
Let me just say success is the best revenge. To everyone whose turned their backs on me, treated me badly, blocked me, ignored me, didn't believe in me or my app, success is the best revenge. All I do in life is try to help everyone and open my arms up and talk to everyone and give advice to everyone. I take time out of my day EVERY day to talk to every single person who ever emails me, messages me on social networks, etc. I love everyone. Why do you think I created FashionTap? To connect everyone and help everyone be found. If you didn't know this I am airing on Shark Tank April 29th with my app FashionTap on ABC. Please tune in!! I will keep sending out reminders of course and the day of I will blast everyone about it. I recently found this incredible online boutique retailer called Floating Style, follow them on FashionTap. Floating Style sells the most unique clothing I have ever seen. I am such a fan of this site! I cannot wait to post my next blog up wearing their clothes!!