Watermelon Dreams //

Shoes: eeight
Sunglasses: Jins
Eyeglasses: Polette

This is one of my favorite dresses designed by Rochelle Carino. I recently met Rochelle because she emailed me asking me for help, she was having a hard time growing on Instagram and being found. I got her on FashionTap right away and I am blogging her amazing clothes to show all of you. I am so excited to help out indie designers like Rochelle, this is why I created FashionTap. I want these designers to finally be found and easily drive sales. There are so many indie brands and boutiques that are being lost in the shuffle and it's sad. I am here to change this and help everyone have better visibility by what they do and where they live! My new shoes are by Eeight, I am loving these shoes, so adorable. My sunglasses are by Jins eyewear, these are a fun unique style. I kept switching back and forth throughout the day between my new eyeglasses by Polette and my sunglasses by Jins! I really love these eyeglasses by Polette, they are such amazing quality and so unique! 
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